Summit @ Peak

Situated within the boundary of the Peak District National Park, Summit @ PEAK offers a gateway to so some of the most beautiful landscapes for adventure, nature, heritage and culture.

Development Plans

The Summit @ PEAK is the first phase of the PEAK Resort which is part of Chesterfield’s adopted growth strategy and planning resources have been made available to the project continuously throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. This has allowed the Company to gain a ‘first-mover’ position and to take advantage of more competitive construction prices.

The site compromises of 8.3 acres of developable land with planning permission and the approval of all pre-commencement planning conditions, allowing for the commencement of the Summit @ Peak.

The Summit @ Peak will be a unique high-profile indoor leisure destination offering a range of activities suitable for all ages and abilities. The development will be a stand-alone attraction available to guests of hotels and other facilities within the Peak Resort Development at Birchall Estate.

Summit @ PEAK will compromise an indoor activity centre, an open sided e-cart race track with a total area in excess of 10’000 square metres. In addition, to facilitate and service the site, there will be approximately 250 parking spaces on site.

Once completed, the development will consist of a bespoke ‘one of a kind’ structure measuring 106m x 35m that will incorporate the aesthetics and modern looks of an air dome structure, but which benefits from all of the structural properties of a steel framed building - taking the best qualities from both structure types.

Partnering the main structure on site there will also be a large turreted membrane structure, covering a professional standard 600m + electric go-kart circuit. This structure – along with its unique viewing platform, helter-skelter and fully integrated lighting system - is largest of its kind for this purpose in the UK.