Site Progress

Construction And Development To Date

Having discharged the pre-commencement planning conditions, construction has already commenced on the Summit @ PEAK. The complex construction and development programmes have been designed and created by our own in house CDM and design teams and been subsequently submitted and approved by the HSE to ensure full compliance with the Government’s latest COVID guidelines.

The lead Construction Engineer, Paul Barthorpe, and his team have set up on site and are well positioned to oversee the build.

As of November 2020

  • The Company is now at the stage where its team of engineers and architects have, on both structures, finalised their design and analysis phase and are signing off the final design details and aesthetic features.

  • The Company is in the final stage of 3D modelling, progressing towards final sign off. This incorporates input from the architects from a design perspective and also the structural designs, calculations and modelling from our engineers.

  • The Company has completed full foundation and drainage solutions and are working towards finalizing the design to incorporate special features such as water recycling plant and creating an environmentally regenerative reed bed system in the run-off ponds.

The imminent ‘next phase’ of the project is the commencement of the foundation and piling installation to support both structures on site. This will begin with the digging out and shaping of the site to the desired levels and topography ready for construction, and will include provision for drainage, utilities and site access.

Whilst this activity is underway, works will be undertaken to finalise the landscaping and environmental designs of the site as a whole.

There are also ‘Live-Feed’ time lapse cameras positioned throughout the site giving up to date visuals of activity as it happens, as well as regular construction updates available throughout the build.